Ateph Elidja – Burn October

The French producer steps into the spotlight on his debut video, for his intense new single, Burn October.

“Exactly one year ago, at the end of October, I spontaneously decided to burn away
all those ‘winter is coming’’ kind of vibes and this track just came to me as a straight
one-shot creation.” – Ateph Elidja.

Directed by the Wachos Brothers, Ateph Elidja’s work on “Burn October” is a complete spectacle and something you must allow yourself to be truly absorbed into. Depicting a fathers loss following his child being caught in a house fire, “Burn October” is littered with hallucinogenic strobing, reflecting the reality of life carrying on post-tragedy, while the mind and soul remain tortured with sorrow and pain. Treated with substance abuse, the father’s pain remains unchecked, as “Burn October” rapidly intensifies, switching the stillness of immediate grief for the more violent, chaotic speed of unresolved emotions. As Elidja’s heavy electro cuts come hurtling down upon the still air of his opening moments, the final breath of settled calmness is found in the burning of the past that ties down the father to his grieving state. Partnered with the Wachos Brothers’ cinematograph; “Burn October” not only depicts tragedy as a raw set of unstable emotions that can spiral out of control, but something altogether more horrifying than possibly could be imaginable, yet portrayed in such a terrifying fashion, that it’s breathtakingly stunning to watch.

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