Stockholm artist COBRAH wraps anxiety up in latex and unleashes waves of electro ready for the clubs on IDFKA.

IDFKA (“I Don’t Fucking Know Anymore”) shows the perverse nature of the relationship with ones-self, specifically, COBRAH’s relationship with herself. The queer performer established herself in Sweden’s fetish scene, making latex a regular part of her performances, shown all throughout IDFKA’s video with violent electro cuts highlighting the physical nature of the kink of latex. The dehumanisation of COBRAH goes far beyond just red latex, with her music waging war against her own anxiety, removing the need for labels and enforcing pleasure in the face of sexuality and identity in everyday anxiety. COBRAH’s repetition of IDFKA echoes the fear of anxiety and how embracing sexuality and desire can wrap up anxiety into something more palatable and indulging.

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