VVV – Five Years of Velvet Independent

Five years. Half a decade. Just under a quarter of my life (I’m 22). Undoubtedly the best decision I’ve ever made. Today marks five years of Velvet Independent; sharing indie music from all over the world, finding acts that are now personal favourites and some who’s short existence brought a flurry of incredible music for our ears to feast on.It always has been and always will be a pleasure to share music with people all around the world who are united with a shared love for music. Last time Velvet celebrated a birthday, we made a playlist. This time we’re adding to it. However, I want to give a special mention to Thyla, who over these past five years, have been undoubtedly been my favourite act to poke their way into my inbox and share their music with me, to then share with all of you. They’re on the way to massive things and I feel like a proud father watching them excel.

Here’s to five more years, more bands to fall in love with, more songs to become “proper classics” and much more.

Peace and love VVV


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