The Year Of 2019: Pizzagirl

With a new single titled “blossom at my feet, flower” out alongside his new EP, “Season 2”, Liverpool’s Pizzagirl closes the door on 2018, ready to swing open the next one into 2019.

Far from being just another bedroom project, Liverpool’s Pizzagirl is a quirky, fast-mouthed, dream-popper who’s jaunty charisma completely expels any traces of anxiety he projects within his music.

Real name Liam Brown (surprisingly not Pizza Girl), if you aim to go to one more show in 2018, a Pizzagirl gig would be highly recommended. Playing on Dec 3rd at The Louisiana, Bristol / 5th Dec – The Hope and Ruin, Brighton / 6th Dec – The Lexington, London; there are still a few dates to get acquainted with Pizzagirl in 2018. His lives show consist of purely a solo performance resonating through a Laptop, guitar and sequencer, while Brown’s natural charm turns what would be dead air between tracks into heart-warming, comedy performances.

The Liverpudlians personal charm is littered all throughout his music, while his endearing witty-awkwardness is a layer that goes almost unheard in his use of jubilant synths and bouncy guitar hooks. Although somewhat present lyrically, tracks such as Seabirds and Favourite Song are beautiful odes to love and awkwardness, portraying themselves as lost tracks from classic 80’s films. When playing in Leeds at SuperCat’s showcase a few months ago, Coffeshop was a huge crowd pleaser, being introducted with “sing along if you know the words” immediately followed by Coffeeshop’s intro of na na na.

Personal favourite Body Part is the opening track for “Season 2”; a darker, moodier piece of 80’s electro, that goes full throttle into the neon races of Tron, cultivating an air of drama and tension that is crying out for action and love (or fan interaction).

Liam Brown’s brand of sometimes moody, yet largely dreamy electro-pop, alongside his charmingly witty/awkward personality is an experience so unfiltered that anyone could fall in love within five minutes of a Pizzagirl gig. And if you need even further proof that you’ll love Pizzagirl, his mum was his photographer, going by the moniker “pizzamum” and also is his #1 fan (we’re a close 2nd).


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