The Year Of 2019: Patawawa

2019 will be filled with funk loaded disco pop that will have everyone boogieing out on the dance floor if Patawawa have anything to do about it.

Patawawa themselves want nothing more but to see happy faces and lots of dancing to their music. Their live performances are nothing short of spectacular, sweat filled odes to 70s and 80s music; a true reminder of the joy of getting loose and letting the music run through your body.

Made up of Sam Wilmot, Rory Lovatt and Beth Garrett, the Matlock trio’s disco-funk is just as captivating as the three of them. Sam and Beth’s dancing on stage is something so unfiltered and pure that a mere moment with them is enough to see how their music is everything to their very being. Joyous and beyond polite, their show at Leeds Lending Room back in October was a huge success (they even helped the staff out before the gig), which was reason enough to mark them as a must for 2019.

An electric Lending Room crowd
With one fan in particular loving the show

On tracks such as Wires and Lonely, it’s clear to see where Patawawa’s true selling point shines through, which is inescapable during their live performances; blasting disco-funk riddled indietronica that demands not only your attention but the inescapable urge to dance along.

Wires being their most recent single, received major praise from BBC Radio 6, as well as Clash magazine among others. A tropical storm of jiveing trumpets and choppy synth cuts capturing the story of following wires along the floor; the track itself heads in multiple directions, yet ultimately finds its way into being one of Patawawa’s strongest streaming tracks and best live tracks to date.

Patagonia and Fight Me are their current trademark “sing alongs” where the front row boppers can be heard chanting just as loudly as their feet can be heard wearing away the dance floor. Patagonia being their most successful release to date, racking in over 1.1 million streams on Spotify alone; is a dirty house track masquerading as an indie-pop sweetheart. Reaching out to unite and plead for love while maintaining that must-dance-along feel constantly; there’s really no excuse for Patagonia not to be their most popular track to date. Fight Me, is much more of a classic in its approach to maintaining its indie-pop status. Punchy synths take a shot at your ears while bouncing off the walls like a ufo from Space Invaders, before descending into string quartets and instrumental breaks, introduced through drum claps that every indie band from the late 00s would be more than envious of.

So if all of this sounds utterly enticing, their homecoming show tonight in Matlock’s Loft is almost sold out, so if you’re quick you might be able to grab a ticket otherwise, you’ll definitely want to ensure that you manage to get yourself down to a Patawawa gig in 2019.

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