The Year Of 2019: Blvth

Pronounced Blu:t, the Berlin based producers restless genre hopping created a tremendous body of work in 2018, now readying to go from strength to strength this year.

If we’d have released a best EPs of 2018, Blvths “Blut” would have unquestionably achieved top marks. The Albanian-Polish genre hopper’s release ranged from old school, r’n’b fuelled beats on Pusher to sombre, morbid pianos on Disney, spanning 8 tracks of unpinnable r’n’b delights.

Pre EP tracks such as Spagetthi and Ocean further display Blvths lust for interchanging genre mixes, jumping from deep, dark house and intense EDM influences, to neo-pop at the drop of a beat.

His collaboration with TAIIME has been his most popular work today, with Tokyo Run, a true German techno influenced, head masher, sitting comfortable with almost a million streams on Spotify alone. The collaborative work on “How To Delete Yourself” with TAIIME contains five absolute bangers, our favourite being Follow Link for Download, a late night floor filler that beckons to the call of 3am house parties everywhere, so it’s a major must for diving into Blvth and his world of ever-changing sounds.

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