The Year Of Far Caspian

2018 saw this Leeds trio release a slew of stunning singles, culminating into one of the best debut indie EP’s of the year. Now for 2019, it seems only fitting that Far Caspian are marked as clear front runners to run the year ahead.

Made up of Joel Johnston (vocals), Jof Cabedo (drums) and Alessio Scozzaro (Bass), the success of Far Caspian and their self-titled genre of ‘Melanjolly’ hasn’t just run off of one track, which admittedly can be the case sometimes. Go Outside was the real first introduction into how momentous and spectacular Far Caspian’s melanjolly could truly be, even as the follow up to their debut, Holding On. An ode to the uncomfortable feel of moving to a new city, Go Outside’s melanjolly momentum covers over the anxiety of a new environment with shimmering guitars and catchy sing along choruses, putting a glimmer of hope over a gloomy situation. ‘Outside’s moment then kept going with The Place and then Blue following: The Place, being a super chilled, spaced out, sunset mood board, layered with gorgeous silky smooth guitar riffs and Scozzaro’s soothing bass, while Blue marked the after party that has only just begun; with bubbly, popping guitars, getting ready to rise up and explode under the steady rhythm of Cabedo’s drum beat.

For now, there’s two remaining tracks to cover and you’re all up to date, but their EP is more than enough to keep you happy until they release new music later this year, just make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming gigs near you as they’re not ones to be missed.

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