Stats – Lose It

The first official banger of the year has been released thanks to London group, Stats, with their energetic new track, Lose It.

A ready to go indie-dance track that holds as much charm as the late 00’s and early 10’s, “Lose It” opens up the space up between bangers and sad bangers, submerging escapism in thumping electronica.

A nostalgic energy swarms around “Lose It”, as the idea of escaping and being truly free remains caught in the notion of euphoric planning and fragrant nostalgia, while the style of Cut Copy and Flash Fiktion immediately come to mind, showering your ears with the delights of the 2000’s vast indie-tronica backcatalogue.

Waiting for the right moment to burst out with raw power, ready for it’s message of liberation from ones self to be celebrated, “Lose It” strikes with extreme precision, with every bass hook and synth note meticulously laid out to appear uncategorised and completely free, as the idea of disappearing becomes less frantic frightful and more realistic.

Stats debut LP “Other People’s Lives” comes out Feb 15th through Memphis Industires.

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