Fat White Family – Feet

Everyones favourite social anarchists are back, swapping abrasiveness for tropical gospels, layered in seductive unfamiliarity.

The Londoner’s grit on “Champagne Holocaust” and “Songs For Our Mothers” aren’t exactly something that can be quickly forgotten, nor should you want to forget them. Feet, breathes in new life to the indie-chists sound, reclaiming the blistering sweat of aggressiveness from their past, changing this into strangely acceptable dancing, finally ready to emerge from the gallows of FWF.

This new era of ‘upbeat’ FWF isn’t quite the people pleaser that it’s being made out to be yet. With the group’s ever present chaotic poetry wrestling against a newly founded love of orchestral implements and electronica influences. Feet may not be the floor filler that FWF most likely wouldn’t want to create anyway, but it does a sublime job of bringing in a new era for FWF and is very much, an appreciated return to their usual excellent form.

Their third LP, Serfs Up!, will be released through Domino Recording on April 19th.

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