What’s Good This Week? #1

Multiple choices from multiple styles, it seems only fair that this year, we give you even more choice to choose from. Starting with the first tastes of 2019, we’ll be giving you weekly updates on new singles and albums that require your full attention.

Someone – Pull It Together.

Roaring into 2019, Dutch artist Someone, a.k.a Tessa Rose Jackson, shares the explosive Pull It Together, a delightful blast of psychedelic pop that is readying everyone for the warmth and excitement of the summer ahead. More of a roar-along than a sing-along, Pull It Together is colossal in its presence and executes a go big and then bigger principle, inducing goosebumps all over.

Hot Dreams – Stronger.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Hot Dreams, but the London group have been busy fine tuning their riffs and momentous choruses, all heading towards the point of becoming Stronger. A blast of well crafted indie-finess not too far from the likes of Sundara Karma, Stronger is Hot Dreams warning to everyone else that 2019 will be their year.

Cherry Glazerr – Wasted Nun.

Clementine Creevy and co follow up their droopy bass filled, hit at authority, gutter punk track Daddi, with the latest offering from their upcoming LP, Stuffed & Ready. Wasted Nun immediately races in with gritty riffs and Clementine facade of softness, before biting down with punchy screams, continuing on with Cherry Glazerr’s somewhat new DIY punk style, that the California group have been experimenting on their current releases.

Crocodiles – Wait Until Tomorrow.

My love for Crocodiles extends almost as far back as their Instagram page. The San Diego duo’s love of garage rock and dusty indie rock is as present on Wait Until Tomorrow as ever. Slique riffs breathe carelessly in a space that’s been adapted to allow changes while still holding onto the familiarity of past Crocodiles tracks, bringing the three years between Crocodiles’ last LP “Dreamless” and now into retrospect, showing clear growth and an effortless aura that only Crocodiles could continue to exude.

Espher – Celestial Bodies

Now, a slight cop out as this albums from 2018, but the very latter end and it’s an absolute must as the Manchester artist creates another world for us all to explore, on yet another sublime LP. Following his 2017 release Ultraviolet, Celestial Bodies continues manipulating the world of electronica, creating lustrous soundscapes for you to get completely lost within. 9/10.

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