What’s Good This Week? #2

This week, we have an ode to synthetic wigs/ dreamy, hopeful thinking/ beautifully bleak post-punk and more on, “What’s Good This Week?”.

Charlotte Adigéry – High Lights

The Belgian-Caribbean artist shared the second single from her upcoming Zandoli EP (out February 8th), the magnetic “High Lights”, a swift cross between Solange and St. Vincent and an ode to loving synthetic wigs. The relaying bass over Adigéry saying “I’m Nobody” is iconic enough of a moment to entice a repeat or ten, on this polite middle finger to conformity.

Wyldest – Alive

Taken from their upcoming, debut LP, Dream Chaos (March 1st), the London dreamgaze trio take a step into the lucid reality of forward thinking. Gazing into the future with total optimism, strolling through a meadow of silky smooth chillwave, Wyldest share their most calming moment yet, for a delightful track to add to your evening playlist.

Ist Ist – Jennifer’s Lips

Bauhaus have resurrected as Manchester’s Ist Ist, transforming Bela Lugosi alongside them into the sinful Jennifer. Mixing monotone vocals with non-stopping guitars, Jennifer’s Lips captures the classic essence of Manchester post-punk, now engraining a dirtier, grunge-tinged sound to make post-punk even more enchantingly grey.

Go Dark – Neon Young (LP)

Signed to Bella Union, this Oakland duo released their debut LP, Neon Young, last Friday (Jan 18th), an unequivocal, electro-neo-pop success. An amalgamation of every electro-indie group you loved in the early 00’s, Neon Young is unapologetic, crass, experimental and possibly the freshest piece of electronica since Crystal Castles. Get Out, Numb and Beautiful Bitch are absolute monsters, the latter being the strongest track on the entire LP, because “the world loves a beautiful bitch”.

Wild Nothing – Blue Wings

Seamlessly carrying on from last years stunning LP, Indigo, Wild Nothing continues to provide the goods on Blue Wings. Layering dreamy, indie pop on top of hard riding, 80’s bass hooks, Blue Wings glides majestically across the synth-plains of Wild Nothing’s never ending chain of unstoppable talent.

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