Thyla – Only Ever

If ever there was a doubt that Brighton’s Thyla wouldn’t be able to continually surpass expectations, then “Only Ever” is here to give us all that reminder.For a band whose debut EP is being released this Friday, it never ceases to amaze everyone how each new track Thyla release’s, consistently tops their previous releases. “Only Ever” leaves no doubt in the mind that this is their strongest track to date.

Their signature, shoegaze warped guitars welcome you into their magnetic energy only seconds in, as Mitch summons a wave of euphoric wonder from the word go alongside Danny’s thunderous drumming. However, once the calming first verse from Millie’s has finished, the real ‘Thyla-wave’ comes, as the frontwoman gives out her signature roar, screaming at full power, while guitars whips up a total frenzy and drums go absolutely nuts, all while being boosted ever further by Dan’s bass, quietly digging away into your very being.

Only Ever doesn’t just announce Thyla as ‘the next big thing’ it crushes the doubts of anyone who ever thought otherwise.

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