FEWS – More Than Ever

Taken from their highly anticipated sophomore LP “Into Red”, FEWS share the unrelenting force of “More Than Ever”.

So shockingly on my part, this is the first real feature the Swedish-UK-US group have had on Velvet (they’ve made both our 2016 and 2018 song lists). FEWS for those unacquainted, are post-punk at it’s upmost finest, truly a band that you can become completely lost in and find hours have flown by listening to just their debut LP alone. Their latest cut “More Than Ever” is a melancholic, quick fire round purely on being apathetic, with its chorus of ‘I’m killing myself over, nothing in particular, sometimes more than ever’ giving you the plot plain and simple. Traditionally post-punk with their monotonic vocals, their krautrock style alludes to the more contemporary Scandinavian styles of the genre without sounding like a copy of Iceage or Holograms. FEWS manage to cast that fine line between giving everything, while sounding as if they could give even more on “More Than Ever”, personifying everything required to create a stellar, post-punk track.

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