Crow – Go

LA’s Crow declares herself as an uncontrollable force on her empowering new track “Go”.

A first generation Argentinian/American, Crow’s tormented childhood of constant bullying has lead her down a path where creativity and finding comfort in her work has found her solace.  On “Go”, Crow shares a story five years in the making, detailing her experience with managers at the age of sixteen, forcing her to create a hit rather than allowing her creativity to flow. Slices of electronica and dark-neo-pop combine in a twisted version from “Go’s” ‘original’ path, riding through all the pain Crow has suffered, now finally being in control of her creative outputs. Releasing this past torture in a colourful explosion of synth heavy keys and harmonies, “Go” announces Crow as finally being free and ready to truly spread her wings with her illustrious neo-pop.

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