Far Caspian – Conversations

The year of Far Caspian is finally beginning, as the Leeds group are letting the joy seep into their music, trading melancholy for 80’s indie pop on their first release of the 2019 “Conversations”.

On the second phase of Far Caspain; Joel, Jof and Alessio are coming to terms with the enjoyment of being in your 20’s and figuring life out along the way. “Conversations” leads the way for the Leeds trio’s turn to a lighter side, as their dreamy soundscapes are now un-burdened by their previous, melancholic narratives, focusing largely on nostalgic bass hooks and synth-induced guitars that carry a fragrant smell of Her’s or Wild Nothing.

Now in a ever-growing signature move for Far Caspian, “Conversations” real shining point comes towards the latter end of the track, where Joel’s producing truly shines through. With the smooth, satin sheets of Alessio’s bass, layering together with Joel’s dreamy guitar riffs and reverb tinged vocals, all to be gently caressed by Jof’s momentous drumming; “Conversations” rides off into the sunset on what already is setting to be another major year for the Leeds trio.

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