What’s Good This Week? #4

So if you’re late to our now weekly feature, every week (shock) on Velvet we update you on singles/albums or both, all of which you need to be listening to. This week we’re diving into 90’s influenced queer bedroom pop; charming folk-pop to dance along with the cows to, then some neatly tightened up grunge.

dvd – Mickey Mouse Club

Dallas based David Lunsford goes by the moniker of dvd, producing queer, bedroom pop that packs much more than you’d imagine as his latest track “Mickey Mouse Club” tackles abusive relationships and the fear of some to leave, because ‘who else could love you so black and blue?’. Glistened over with the correct amount of auto-tune to match his saturated synth hooks, dvd produces a solid sad-banger, so much so, that it was worth sharing a month after its release.

Champs – Solid Action

Never being ones to allow the label of folk to pin them down to one set narrative, Solid Action may not be the pop track that you’d expect to find anyone dancing to, but that’ll never stop Champs. Their illustrious blend of melancholic folk, and pumping indie pop saw interests rise on their second LP, Vamala. Now four years later, The Isle of Wight duo are back to continue their transition of becoming the UK’s most unexpected crowd pleasers.

Brooders – Rinse Repeat

Riding off the success of their show at Lending Room’s Riff-fest, Brooders are back to take a chunk out of 2019, with the meaty cut of Rinse Repeat. The Leeds trio’s dirty psych-grunge packs much more of a sway than a punch this time around, as the gut wrenching riffs of previous track Breathe are tightly wound up, sounding more focused and ready to rub shoulders with The Subways or Blood Red Shoes.

Gum Takes Tooth – Fights Physiology

So firstly, do yourself a favour and listen to Gum Takes Tooth’s LP Arrow. Fights Physiology is taken from their 3rd album and it’s a complete cluster fuck of psychedelic, experimental, industrial aggressiveness, neatly wrapped in a box comprised only of nails, ready to explode upon a simple touch. The London duo have easily crafted the best LP of the year thus far, and once I can wrap my head around their chaotic music, a full LP review will be up, so for now, drop some acid and freak tfo to “Fights Physiology”.

Ørmstons – Can’t Take Your Call

Live at Leeds shared over 80 new acts to this years line up, and Leeds based Ørmstons are one of the fantastic acts to be added. Their latest offering “Can’t Take Your Call” is full on, ‘balls to the wall’ nonstop, indie rock, with roughly six seconds in total where you can breathe. Guitars are spontaneously combusting with lighting fast hooks, drums are being mercilessly beaten to death and Jess Huxham delivers an insanely catchy chorus to delight absolutely everyone who’ll be booking them for their festival this year.

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