Stats – Family Business

Ahead of the release of their debut LP “Other People’s Lives” on February 15th, London’s Stats focus in on the relationships we have with our family on “Family Business”.

With ‘Family Business’ opening up with “it’s been so long since I saw you sister, the obvious ride now is to say that I’ve missed you, but the truth is I haven’t, not nearly enough”; frontman Ed Seed, dives head first into the delicate nature of family relationships, tackling the multitude of facades that can come along with maintaining them.

Stats’ disco-pop acts as the glossy, welcoming embrace of un-namable family faces, as synth-ladened hooks override the calmer piano led verses, where Seeds’ lyrics depict this internal struggle to keep face in the presence of not necessarily unwanted relationships, but ones that require almost mandatory visits.

‘Family Business’s blend of family drama and 80s disco comes together beautifully, with a reflective display of family life being littered with internal struggles and differences yet wrapped in a never ending supply of warmth and affection (and glorious synth hooks).

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