BLVTH – Cool Song

BLVTH is doing all the work for us in 2019, titling his latest work ‘Cool Song’.

Cool is a simple enough term to label the Albanian-Polish genre hopper’s sound, as his brand of r&b, deep house fusions is deeply rooted in Berlin’s forever expanding music scene. On ‘Cool Song’ BLVTH flirts with trap influenced r&b, rushing in instantly with his familiar love of techno for a chaotic blend of nostalgia that fits in perfectly with BLVTH’s previous tracks.

Taking beats that sound like warped playstation1s or N64s on a fixated crash, BLVTH creates a slick nu-r&b fusion, trading the frustration of the nostalgic chaotic dissonance of a crashed game, for something ultimately ten times more enjoyable. With his hit of nostalgia pairing effortlessly with the contemporary rhythms of trap r&b, ‘Cool Song’ backs up its claim completely.

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