Crywolf – Drip

Justin Taylor Phillips takes a deep look into the darker parts of the human psyche on the claustrophobic ‘Drip’.

Taken from his upcoming second LP, ‘widow OBLIVIØN Pt. I’, ‘Drip’ derails any sense of familiarity within examining the human psyche in music, focusing in on the darker parts of ourselves, the shadows we cast and the parts of ourselves that are difficult to look in to.

With a smooth introduction resting upon drum claps, clattering away along a hypnotic wave of bass welcoming you in; the moment that Phillips utter his first word, the journey into the darkness begins. A cacophony of layering takes place within Crywolf’s vocals, warping in and out of tangible states as guitars change to the sound of drums mimicking a gun backfiring, transforming from cool dark-pop vibes, to malevolent weirdness, then going completely bloody mad, all in the space of roughly the first opening minute.

Phillips’ journey into his psyche is made so apparent, twisted and interesting from the first moments of ‘Drip’, that the remainder of the track is a whirlwind of sublime dark-pop that is an absolute must listen to.

wido OBLIVIØN Pt. I is out March 22nd through Okami Records.

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