What’s Good This Week? #5

Heartbreak, serenades and a deep look into facing addiction, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s day tomorrow without a pre-bash of mixed emotions to set the vibe for the day of ‘love’. Connect, reconnect, then do the right thing and order takeaway and binge listen everything on ‘What’s Good This Week?’.

Lucia – Blueheart

Currently Glasgow’s finest import, with a smoky taste that hits almost instantly, Lucia comes roaring into Blueheart like one of Romana’s evil exes from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, pissed off and ready to let you know. The melancholic reverb is dripping in pure disdain, as each guitar riff emits wave after wave of dreamy-post-punk à la shoegaze, readying Lucia to ride along before she unleashes a maelstrom of anger and pain on their biggest track yet.

Fil Bo Riva – L’impossible

Taken from their debut LP, ‘Beautiful Sadness’ (out March 22nd), the Italin born, Irish raised, Berlin resident, finally give their fans the first real serenade from the group on L’impossible. Split into English and Italian, it makes complete sense for the amorous confessions of love in the chorus to be declared in Italian, after the English verses are swamped in autotune, something completely alien to Fil Bo Riva. The Italian choruses alone are reason enough to repeatedly listen and slow dance along to this beautiful serenade.

RVNNERS – Through The Wall

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, this indie-pop four piece tackle issues relating to addiction and failure on ‘Through The Wall’ currently their second release to date (that we know of). Acting as a redemption piece, reminding listeners that you’re never truly alone, RVNNERS are a delightful blend of uniting high morals with emphatic pop music on Through The Wall, packing in enough passion and light hearted guitars to create a track that is delicate by nature and powerful by meaning.

Havvk – Birds On A Wire

A personal favourite of Velvet’s, Havvk’s narratives are always filled with personal trauma that is eerily relatable with their grunge tinged, indie rock. ‘Birds On A Wire’ focuses on Julie’s past relationships at a younger age, with twisted gritty riffs, clawing their way out of this hole of fear and self-deprecation that Julie once found herself in, now looking back with a clearer head, horrified at the thought that she was anything but herself back then. A steady pace exemplifies Julie’s harsh look back at her previous self, fully ingrained in a moment of self-reflection, all while gut busting guitars are ready to amp up for Julie’s momentous screams.

Naz & Ella – Wake Up America! (Ban The Gun)

While a UK based duo, Naz & Ella tackle the issue of gun control in America on their latest track, as their folk music seeks to further discuss the notion that the second amendment needs readjusting. Never being ones to shy away from big topics, Naz & Ella’s quaint folk music has never been such a thing, as the duo consistently ignore any expectations set by the folk genre, getting straight to the point, packing fiery, detailed verses into a message that needs to be heard by everyone in America.

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