Trudy and the Romance – The Original Doo-Wop Spaceman

If there’s anything you can rely on, it’s the fact that Trudy and the Romance will forever be the providers of nostalgic futurism, and that their take on classic rock ‘n’ roll will forever be impossible to resist.

Fittingly so, Trudy and the Romance have released the music video for their latest single ‘The Original Doo-Wop Spaceman’ today, as well as a live show tonight in York with fellow dreamy lovers, Her’s at The Fulford Arms, ready for lovers all over the world to unite in the weird and wonderful world of sensory overloading.

Whether it be a lit up ice cream microphone, or a vintage real of ‘home movies’ cataloguing a young couples beginning, all while the tapes turn into the ever present ‘Sandman’, Trudy’s love of storytelling is a strong as ever on their latest work. Cruising along a steady road of melodic guitars, breezy in delivery yet packed with the hoorah that comes with all Trudy releases, ‘The Original Doo-Wop Spaceman’ is a true testament to the Liverpudlians creativity and the perfect backing for everyone’s Valentines day.

Trudy and the Romance’s debut LP, ‘Sandman’ is finally out this year, being released on May 24th, through B3SCI Records.

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