What’s Good This Week? #6

This week we’re celebrating female artists and the strength they bring to their music. Whether it’s through delicately soft r&b, fierce, fully loaded rock, or inspiring pop music; right now, we’re saying that female power is What’s Good This Week.

Skylar Maiko – The Words I’d Never Say

Hailing from Harlem, New York, Skylar Maiko’s love of bedroom styled r&b transcends with unfiltered beauty and elegance on ‘The Words Id Never Say’. The steady, midnight rhythms of 1-2-beats and gentle keyboards send Maiko’s music down a path of self-reflection, gazing into streetlights all while contemplating the issues of love and loss across this honest night-time thought. With a consistent vocal performance from Maiko anchoring the verses, the chorus on ‘The Words I’d Never Say’ pushes her voice to a new high, with pure pain and power pouring through, echoing the early days of Solange’s career.

Skye Wallace – Coal In Your Window

A Toronto resident and previous shared artist on Velvet, Skye Wallace’s love of rock music is always something to be excited about. ‘Coal In Your Window’ is a typical love story from what Wallace details, but her delivery is anything but typical. With her classical voice breaking out under punchy punk rock, reminiscent of Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation, Wallace delivers an exuberant performance, breathing new life into a classic story of love.

Linying – All of Our Friends Know

A song for lovers who are always on the edge, Linying dedicates ‘All of Our Friends Know’ to the “serial-second guessers” of love. The Singapore-based artist blends pop and r&b sublimely, creating a world of pastels being chased by the harsher colours of the real world. On ‘All of Our Friends Know’ Linying taunts herself with the idea of enjoying the sweet release of embracing love, with light hearted, hazy melodies attempting to carry her away, all while struggling with this realisation, fighting off her feelings with lines such as “I know when I’m faking and this feels like that”, dragging her down into a world of uncertainty and anxiety.

Caswell – Surface

Our favourite, future-Bond-theme-writer (it needs to happen), Caswell travels into the realm of better living, surfacing through the darkness that can creep up without even knowing, on her latest effort ‘Surface’. Taken from her upcoming sophomore EP, the London artists goes bigger than ever before, trading the serious nature of her earliest releases, for a different take on this, with ferocious, unstoppable pop, demolishing her past tribulations, rising above as a bright new light in the next chapter of Caswell’s journey.

Lily Denning – Armageddon

Lily Denning is the latest signing to Wildlife Entertainment, releasing her debut single with them, ‘Armageddon’. The Kent based singer describes ‘Armageddon’ as resisting the alluring nature of bad presences in life, tackling temptation with big hitting pop music instead. At just 19, Denning’s presence is already becoming well known with the likes of BBC Introducing, as the pop singer soars above with the ambitious, heavy hitting of ‘Armageddon’ as if she’s been doing this for a decade already.

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