What’s Good This Week? #7

We’ve been off for a week, which has meant that plenty of amazing music has come around to be shared with you all. Tropical pop to match the UK’s February summery weather,

Minor Poet – Tropic of Cancer

Recently signed to Sub Pop Records, Andrew Carter’s Minor Poet dances around waves of layering synths, guitars and his own harmonies on this joyous take on faking it until you make it. “Don’t worry baby, I think I’ll be fine / Start to believe if I say it enough times”. Taken from their upcoming EP, ‘The Good News’ (out May 17th), ‘Tropic of Cancer’ pushes their indie rock sound to becoming infused “with vibrance and energy”.

SADSUN – Control

Taking pop down a darker road, this Newcastle duo made up of Aimy Miller and Simon Atkinson, both hail from metal bands (She Must Burn and Nexilva respectively), but have joined to create moody, neo-pop under the new name ‘SADSUN’. ‘Control’ is their debut single, a suffocating blend of heavy drumming and wispy, high hitting vocals, showcasing the potential that these post-metal makers have as dark-pop producers instead.

The Covasettes – Like You

Manchester indie rockers The Covasettes are next up with ‘Like You’; charming, simple indie rock that’s impossible to not enjoy and tap along to. On ‘Like You’, the four piece reminisce on past loves, crafting slow verses to start, readying their guitars for choruses that demand pure ecstatic energy from their audience. Showing that their knack for creating a classic indie rock banger has been nailed down perfectly already, The Covasettes are potential ones to watch for the year ahead.

Tallsaint – Warm Skin

Another signee of Leeds label, Dance To The Radio, Tallsaint is a rising star in the Leeds scene, crafting pop music that is bursting with electronic/techno beats, both futuristic and nostalgic. On ‘Warm Skin’ Tallsaint differs from the previous anti-mansplaining of ‘I’m A Woman (After All)’, changing from sweeping, techno-pop sounds, now onto retro-16 bit bass drums that parade around the notion of waking up to her beloved cat, PJ Harvey. It’s arguably the pinnacle of what life in Leeds could be described as, so it’s an absolute must listen.

Charlotte Cornfield – Storm Clouds

Taken from her upcoming LP ‘The Shape of Your Name’, Charlotte Cornfield carries a real essence of self-awareness and calm on ‘Storm Clouds’. With her own refrain usually halting the completion of her work, ‘Storm Clouds’ welcomes in an air of peace from Cornfield, uplifted in mood without any need to scream about it. “Storm clouds, elation, desire, mania, darkness”, ‘Storm Clouds’ traverses through the many roads of Cornfield’s mind, making it out into the beautiful plains of what her creativity can truly accomplish.

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