Oyster Kids – Losing My Mind

A complete blast from the past, L.A four piece Oyster Kids have resurfaced seemingly from nowhere, to show the rest of California how pop music is really made, with their comeback single ‘Losing My Mind’.

Almost three years on since their last release ’40 Nights’, Oyster Kids’ finesse for sublime pop has appeared to only grow stronger. ‘Losing My Mind’ hones in on the idea of self-doubt and overthinking when getting caught up in your own thoughts, as their previous lust for easy going, upbeat pop has grown into a more reflective version, focusing in on sonic-soundscapes captured through lucid synth hooks .

A harmonious hum, welcoming in a crawling bass hook is the first sign that Oyster Kids are onto something big here. Following in the footsteps of early 10’s indie groups Foster The People, Young The Giant and Grouplove; traversing through the pop landscape of the past 10 or so years, Oyster Kids rise through a plethora of stellar influences as a well seasoned group, armed with a sultry wave of subdued synths and moody pop to captivate their freshly adapted style, marking them as ones to immediately place back onto your list of ‘bands ready to make it big’.

Three years on, Oyster Kids have found themselves more prepared than ever to unleash an unrivalled level of pop music to the world, being as equally charming with their indie pop, as they are with ensuring that every aspect is illustrious and breathtakingly beautiful.

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