Local Natives – Café Amarillo//When Am I Gonna Lose You

Three years have passed since their 2016 album ‘Sunlit Youth’, and the LA outfit have now released two new tracks, ‘Café Amarillo’ and ‘When Am I Gonna Lose You’ both from their upcoming fourth LP ‘Violet Street’.

With two new tracks, both featuring accompanying music videos, it feels as if a mere moment has passed since ‘Sunlit Youth’ and their 2017 releases ‘Only Heir’s’ and ‘I Saw You Close Your Eyes’. The first of the two ‘Café Amarillo’ welcomed in the next era of Local Natives, moving on from the pop-friendly sound of their third LP, glancing back towards the indie classic style of their debut ‘Gorilla Manor’, utilising the Americana influence of their home state for a much calmer and sophisticated sound.

On following track ‘When Am I Gonna Lose You’, this calm demeanour immediately dissipates, as the California group alongside actress Kate Mara, deliver a much more intense performance, traversing through the loneliness and doubt of a relationship ending. Combining the strongest moments from their past two LPs, ‘Sunlit Youth’ and ‘Hummingbird’, ‘WAIGLY’ rises up slowly on a dreary supermarket, before exploding into grand ballrooms and hilltop mansions, masquerading fear and loneliness behind false excitement and high glamour. With the signature vocals of Taylor Rice bringing in the title track to the high noted chorus, ‘WAIGLY’ sets an extremely high standard for Local Natives fourth LP from the word go.

‘Violet Street’ is out April 26th.

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