What’s Good This Week? #9

A house party in France, dripping with minimal electro, and trop-pop, crossing over the channel for dreamy indie-trap then to finish a wavey night with some classic indie rock is how we’d describe What’s Good This Week.

Praa – Infinite Regress

French artist Praa, aka Marion Lagasat, utilises a swift blend of 90’s pop/r’n’b with contemporary electronica, blasting out melodic waves of breezy, upbeat synth pop. On ‘Infinite Regress’, Praa demonstrates a steady flow of electronica, both cool and sophisticated, designing every single aspect to flow effortlessly, shown excellently through the beautiful cinematography for its accompanying video.

SACRE – 09:00PM The Coconut Bar

Taken from their upcoming concept LP ‘Love Revolution’ (still awaiting a release date), the Parisian group unleash a beast of a new track, channelling the dancefloor antics of an evening out in Paris’ nightlife on ’09:00PM The Coconut Bar. If you’ve ever listened to David Guetta’s ‘Atomic Food’ then Sacre’s latest effort will feel like a familiar, much more though out anthem, driven by funk and contemporary house styles instead.

JAWS – Fear

It’s not unusual for JAWS to be experimental with their music, however, on ‘Fear’ the B-town group are riding a wave of synth drive, trip/trop-pop harder than ever. Lucid and dark in sound and presentation, ‘Fear’ flows easily as a simple, melodic fusion of dream pop and shoegaze influenced synth pop, all before a sudden cluster of noises hits and the dam bursts unleashing an onslaught of insatiable trip/trop-pop goodness upon your ears.

Change from their familiar indie pop, much heavier trip-trop pop vibe, more isolated nightlife electronica.

Supercaan – The Great North Eastern

The heights of The National or Elbow, are an easy comparison for Supercaan’s sound. Classic indie rock at its absolute best, charging through with towering guitar riffs as a regular commodity, ‘The Great North Eastern’ pushes through with the A+ form that the Birmingham group are presenting themselves with, as sudden newcomers that are rapidly becoming a must watch on everyone’s list for 2020 breakouts.

Pacific – Clarity

Hailing from Northwich, this Northern four piece are continuing their revival of piano driven indie on their latest effort ‘Clarity’. A classic tale of pining for one more minute with the one that got away, ‘Clarity”s piano driven style offers a breath of fresh air from the guitar saturated environment of northern indie rock, blasting in synths as a juxtaposition to the classic piano styling for a truly refreshing slice of modern indie rock.

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