Lust For Youth – Great Concerns

Copenhagen duo Lust For Youth have announced that they’re taking us all back to the 80s again, with ‘Great Conerns’, taken from their upcoming, self titled LP.

The dark, synth pop work of Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer has been auditory gold since their 2014 LP, ‘International’ launched their music into the consciousness of every lover of 80s influenced pop across the globe.

On ‘Great Conerns’, Lust For Youth captures the moments before dawn, as the sun begins to creep up while the night fades away, ruling out dancefloor electro, watching the stratosphere transform above waves of heavy synths. Purple hues roll into intense blues, as ‘Great Concerns’ lingers around like an after party that no one wants to end; with daylight breaking, slowly illuminating the joy filled faces of sleep deprived ravers who refuse to leave the night behind.

Lust For Youth’s self titled LP is out June 7th through Sacred Bones Records, which you can pre order here.

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