Far Caspian – A Dream Of You

The second track of the year from the Leeds, dreampop/melanjolly trio, ‘A Dream Of You’ is Far Caspian’s first take of a true slow number and it’s as spot on as ever.

You know the story by now; Far Caspian blew us away last year, we placed them as ‘the’ band to beat in 2019 and you’d struggle to say that ‘A Dream Of You’ doesn’t help this proclamation. The second that the first synth key hits, you know already that it’s going to be another momentous track from the Leeds Trio.

Slowly phasing out their self-proclaimed melanjolly style on previous track ‘Conversations’, the melancholy half takes centre stage this time around, even as Youth Lagoon, styled synths clash with breezy, dream-pop guitars, all while Joel’s vocals drift by quietly, drowned out by the sound of clashing arrangements, nervous to rise above the wave of dreamy synth pop.

Feeling much more reflective than it is sad, ‘A Dream Of You’ encapsulates the idea of your head being in the clouds lost in thought over someone, oblivious to the events going on around you. For a moment the world is a blur with murmurs made up of buzzing synths and shimmering guitars around your ears, falling silent to the blank expression of a mind caught in the intense narrative of Joel’s vocals, before phasing back into the hysteria of noise that drowns out these deepest of thoughts.

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