What’s Good This Week? #11

Some of our favourites over the past three years are back with brand new releases, alongside some new artists who surely will soon become new favourites, all on “What’s Good This Week?”.

Molly Moore – Vibes ft. Keenan Charles

So all the way back in 2016, we labelled Molly Moore as our Artist of the Year, and since then she’s continued her insanely high level of production, releasing what seems to be a never ending supply of singles over the past three years. Her latest track ‘Vibes’ is a case of silky smooth, wavey r&b, bubbling away underneath her chilled out voice, being virtually impossible to not feel hypnotised to, continuing to surpass the extremely high level that she sets for herself on each new track.

Newscast – Alive

Taken from their debut EP ‘5’ (released last Friday), the Jackson, MS group, craft subtle glitter-pop, alike to New York group, No Wave, if you need a comparison. ‘Alive’ is a jubilant display of light hearted enjoyment demonstrated through hypnotic waves of synth, captivated in moments that to outsiders looks like nothing, but to those involved are simply perfect. The rest of their ‘5’ EP is just as enjoyable and is highly recommended.

Swimming Tapes – Passing Ships

A new track from an old favourite, ‘Passing Ships’ is the latest single to be taken off of Swimming Tapes upcoming debut LP, ‘ Morningside’. The London based, jangle poppers are now masters of capturing the essence of summer, having spent the last three years riding across the waves of their shimmering indie pop and on ‘Passing Ships’, this level of chilled out mastery has only grown stronger.

Chloe Olivia – Cold Floor

And another returning act to Velvet this week, in the form of sister/duo Chloe Olivia, with their second single ‘Cold Floor’. Now ten months from their debut single ‘Gilded’, an intricate take on revealing the truth underneath a person’s façade, the Utah duo are flipping the narrative of broken hearted women on ‘Cold Floor’, reviving the femme fatale concept of the 1950’s. Their intricate story telling is portrayed excellently on their latest track, offering up intelligent and truly illustrious pop.

Echo Suit – Slow Motion

Performing under the moniker of Echo Suit, Madrid native Elena Expósito, began experimenting with acoustic guitars, quickly expanding into atmospheric soundscapes of manipulated strings, twisting around a centralised focus of lucid guitar pop. ‘Slow Motion’ embodies this show of growth and change, beginning as a slow, hazy collection of low croons, quickly stretching out with echoing guitars, that growl in a moments notice. Calling in at just under three minutes, there’s enough here to demand a new song from Elena almsot immediately.

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