What’s Good This Week? #13

ODA – Don’t You Know

With finessed minimalism being one of Scandinavia’s biggest markers of stylistic success, it comes as no surprise that Norway’s ODA is just as competent with crafting, sublime, silky smooth deep-pop music. Taken from her ‘Hide’ EP, ‘Don’t You Know is sophisticated pop at its best. Charming and cool, plus perfectly suited for runways the world over, ‘Don’t You Know’ carries a level of finesse that appears to just pour out of ODA as if it’s no big deal whatsoever.

Heir – After Forever

Having just sold out their Leeds headline slot at The Lending Room, Heir are a group that are mere moments from becoming regulars to main festival stages all over the globe. Their cool, straight to the point, indie pop style shines through on ‘After Forever’ with choppy, light funk guitars gliding alongside a light wave of synth keys, riding away into a sea of pop benevolence.

Arms Akimbo – Cruel Lovers

The California group have just released two new singles, ‘Paycheck’ and Cruel Lovers’, allowing us to truly celebrate their return. ‘Cruel Lovers’ travels down the road of conflicted lovers who are both seeking reassurance amidst their ongoing issues, crashing together with classic rock riffs, breaking for a moments peace before viewing the chaos that has ensued around them. Classic Arms Akimbo at their very best.

Myth – Lone Wolf

Raised in Ottawa and now stationed in Toronto, ‘Lone Wolf’ is a trap-hop late nightery that Myth has graciously shared with the world. Championing racing forward, not focusing on the approval of others, ‘Lone Wolf’ rolls mercilessly across its trap-melodies, placing Myth on a pedestal, leaning her head down as she gazes upon those who are now desperate to be a part of her journey.

Jolé – All I Need

An ode to healing a relationship that’s in the middle of a momentary fracture, London’s Jolé tackles the complicated road of love on ‘All I Need’ in a way that many others don’t. The sincerity felt throughout ‘All I Need’ is enough to earn Jolé applaud, but his story telling is truly next level. A calm, clear approach with a lack of complication helps strengthen the Londoners point of seeking to strengthen a troubled relationship, rather than simply admitting defeat and whining about time now lost.

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