Fanclub – Uppercut

Following their ‘All The Same EP’, Texas’s Fanclub are going full throttle on the rocketing ‘Uppercut’.

A jittery opener glances back at their debut ‘Leaves’, scattered with synth pop, indie and indie rock all fighting one another to emerge victorious. Now on ‘Uppercut’ Fanclub face the loneliness of heartbreak, seeking to be fully in control, emerging with a multitude of genres in total unison, charging dream pop synths with the vigour and energy of fast paced indie rock with complete ease.

Packed with the anger and pain of post-breakup living, adrenaline overflows throughout the veins of the track, allowing for destructive levels of chaotic guitars to emit these distraught emotions, then to be calmed down and told everything will be alright, by Leslie Crunkilton’s soothing vocals. In less than three minutes, it’s a complete whirlwind of emotions and genres from Fanclub; ranging from charming glitter pop, notorious indie rock, even pushing over onto the edge of post-punk in its later moments, on what is undoubtedly a standout of the year thus far.

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