What’s Good This Week? #15

Waves of distortion, vocal manipulations and futuristic genre blending summarises everything of What’s Good This Week, sharing a few names that are certain to become future breakout stars, and some that are a mere moments away.

Slow Pulp – High

A group hailing from Wisconsin, now Chicago based, Slow Pulp released a delightful piece of distortion rock titled ‘High’, which is an absolute must for lovers of reverb, and bedroom rock. A steady opening of subdued vocals and dreary acoustics, captures the want to escape and regain control when life seems pretty uncontrollable, before a destructive wall of distortion comes bursting through as overloaded guitar riffs and power chords. Frontwoman Emily Massey, is turned into a reverb drenched orchestra, as her harmonies become beautifully mechanical underneath the smothering layers of ‘High’s gorgeous distortion.

ONUR – Beautiful Time

With a uniquely modern take on r&b, Londoner ONUR continues to prove why the hype around him is justified on his latest cut ‘Beautiful Time’. Utilising harsh electronica to sound like upbeat, chart friendly noise; brass-styled, synth slices groove around a plethora of sounds, with vocal manipulations gathering as a final wave of trippy electro to tip ONUR’s r&b a step further than established names such as SOHN or HONNE.

PAVVLA – sometimes

Having performed all around Spain and across the USA, as well as Europe, PAVVLA’s status as a rising star is unquestionable. The rising indie-starlet of Barcelona and Spain in general, follows up her 2018 LP ‘Secretly Hope You Catch Me Looking’, with the charmingly coy ‘sometimes’ a delicate, love song for slow-r&b/pop lovers. Premiered at Festival Strenes in Girona, the lyric video for ‘sometimes’ reveals the warming intimacy of PAVVLA’s work, showing a new, pop friendly face to the indie starlet.

Giungla – Better Than Ever

Following her most recent release ‘In My Head’, Italian alt-tronica artist Giungla whips up a storm of frantic chaos on the follow up, ‘Better Than Ever’. Denoting the idea of concentrating too much on being efficient in your everyday life that you miss what’s going on around you, the rapidly consistent pacing of ‘Better Than Ever’ summons a much darker and malevolent sound than ‘In My Head’. Consisting of electronic slices mutilating guitar hooks, as sharp bass cuts cluster together in a monstrously overloaded soundscape, ‘Better Than Ever’ is an abrasive, harsh reflection on the idea of getting from A-Z without going through B-Y.

TAN – Blossom

Appearing on the underground scene of Copenhagen, electro-duo TAN, comprised of Mathias Riis and Andreas Bengtsen, summon up a wave of ambient electronica on their track ‘Blossom’. Similar in sound to Lust For Youths earlier work on ‘International’ TAN’s immersive soundscapes are something to truly sink into and become completely immersed in. The ambient nature of ‘Blossom’ resonates strongly through it’s ghostly synth hooks, as if Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’, was slowed down even more, as mist billows around a lustrous landscape of black and dimly lit, pink neons.

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