Le Boom and Æ MAK – Dancing Bug

Two of Dublin’s brightest talents, Le Boom and Æ MAK, have joined forces to produce the monumentality optimistic ‘Dancing Bug’.

A shared love for one another’s work is how Æ MAK and Le Boom first gravitated towards one another, quickly piecing together ‘Dancing Bug’ over a couple of hours in the previous year. Inspired by a friend who used dancing as a way to deal with anxiety and cope with stress, the video for ‘Dancing Bug’ features a sharply choregraphed dance number on the streets of Dublin, with Le Boom providing a beautifully constructed backdrop of upbeat, dance music, to coincide with Æ MAK’s charming lyrics. All three pieces of ‘Dancing Bug’ cultivate an air of optimism, encouraging anyone listening to push through their current hardship, whether that be through singing along, dancing along, or just repeatedly pressing play.

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