Far Caspian – Astoria

Taken from their upcoming EP ‘The Heights’, it’s becoming increasingly clear on ‘Astoria’ that Far Caspian are going to be a name to remember for years to come.

With their debut shows in both Manchester and London selling out, topped with their set at Live at Leeds, having a queue outside the door; Far Caspian are rapidly transitioning from hidden indie gems to nationwide favourites. ‘Astoria’ lands gracefully in the middle of their previous two releases, channelling the momentum of ‘Conversations’ while merging the vulnerability of ‘A Dream of You’, creating a luscious barrage of indie rock flavoured dreampop.

Frontman Joel Johnston appears more comfortable than ever on ‘Astoria’, weaving his way in between blissful lulls and momentous harmonies throughout, on what he describes as being the song that: “kind of sums up the feeling we wanted to put across (the EP), embracing the good things in your life when things aren’t so good”.

Further inspired by the 1980’s classic The Goonies, ‘Astoria’ brings with it a true sense of feel-good vibes, being charmingly relatable across its many facets, uniting fans of multiple genres to dissolve into the unearthly delights of Far Caspian.

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