SADSUN – Heads or (Tails)

Newcastle duo SADSUN, travel further into the world of electro-pop, this time discussing unstable emotions on ‘Heads or (Tails)’.

Made up of Aimy Miller and Simon Atkinson, their debut track ‘Control’ turned away from their metal/rock music pasts, trading heavy guitar riffs for dark-synth tones instead. Now the pair are embracing the lighter side of electro-pop on ‘Heads or (Tails)’ as synths blast off like an array of fireworks activated by thunderous drums, with a sound closer to the likes of Fickle Friends or Paramore’s more recent work.

Examining their developing electro-pop sound, the uncertainty of which direction to go is apparent throughout ‘Heads or (Tails)’ discussing¬† “do I stay and live my life in pain, or end it all and free my heart?”. While its narrative is angled at discussing emotional uncertainty, rather than debating whether SADSUN want to have a darker or lighter sound, Heads or (Tails) succeeds in both, exploring new directions for the Newcastle duo, as well as discussing the visceral fear of change and emotions in all of us.

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