What’s Good This Week? #17

One of the best pop songs we’ve heard so far this year, a calming story teller and Rory Lowatt staking his claim as a future Jamie xx are just a few things that we’re saying is good this week.

Wasuremono – Are You OK?

Announcing their sophomore LP of the same name last month, Bradford-on-Avon’s Wasuremono bring an ethereal feel to their brand of indie pop on ‘Are You OK?’. With an expansive chorus of layered harmonies, ‘Are You OK?’ carries the essence of an advertisement friendly song very well, soon to be stuck in the minds of everyone for the pure joy the track carries throughout.

Simon Linsteadt – Whistle

Taken from his recent album ‘The Fool’, New York’s Simon Linsteadt brings a calming energy to the delightfully breezy ‘Whistle’, similar to the likes of Death Cab For Cutie or Perhapsy. On ‘Whistle’, Linsteadt turns into a welcoming story teller, effortlessly plucking away at his guitar as his harmonious hums beckon to the call of the starry night sky on this delightfully chilled piece of folk.

Patawawa/Rory Lovatt – Never Been Remixed

Possibly even better than the original track itself, Patawawa’s own Rory Lovatt has created an insatiable remix of ‘Never Been Better’. Taken from their ‘London, Paris, New York, Matlock’ EP, Lovatt makes ‘Never Been Better’ even more funk fuelled, swapping disco beats for drum heavy house cuts, making the Patawawa guitarist look like a future Jamie xx in the making.

Trudy and the Romance – That’s Not Me

The final track to be taken from their soon to be released debut LP, ‘Sandman’ (out May 24th), ‘That’s Not Me’ is as romantic and easy to fall deeply in love with as their previous tracks. Swaying across their 50’s rock ‘n’ roll sound, ‘That’s Not Me’ sounds like the final hurrah of a momentous night, celebrated with a never ending supply of Trudy’s eponymous nostalgic futurism.

Blossom – Moi å Moi

Portland OR based performer Blossom, brings a true old school vibe to her latest track ‘Moi å Moi’, rolling across waves of early 00’s beats. The Trinidad and Tobago born artist brings the rhythm and style of her upbringing, performing in a steel drum band, to the forefront of ‘Moi å Moi’, rolling suave beats across her self-reflective lyrics, balancing a slick 00’s style with her contemporary narrative sublimely.


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