Máni Orrason – Privilege of Time

Icelandic artist Máni Orrason pierces through his own sense of isolation to reveal the brightly burning love that the summer months hold on his latest track ‘Privilege of Time’.

With his partner recently moving to the other side of the Atlantic, Máni Orrason has reached for solitude within his music, all centralised around his immense love and impending sense of isolation. On ‘Privilege of Time’, Orrason clashes with the idea of summer bringing joy and glorious weather to parade around in, when facing the notion of having to do so without his partner, as the video for the track features Orrason travelling around on his own in the glorious sun, stating “Why does summer come, when I want to cry?”.

Eventually, the joy of summer penetrates Orrason’s state of isolation, when he focuses on his partners love, “being appreciated by someone else, increases your appreciation for yourself and for the world”, allowing ‘Privilege of Time’ to burst through as a joyous summer anthem. Uncomplicated by dramatic arrangements or over the top instrumentation, Orrason shines through with his light hearted synths, welcoming the summer with now open arms.

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