What’s Good This Week? #18

We’re starting off with a seasoned round of huge, indie choruses this week, before a bang, a whip snap and ballistic synths take over, quickly diluting down into a sea of atmospheric house, before dispersing into Asian psych and dreamy, lucid pop.

Boniface – Ghosts

The Canadian artist returns with his new single ‘Ghosts’, following a support slot touring with British group White Lies over the past few months. On his latest work, Micah Visser goes full throttle on his insatiable brand of 80’s pop, with rolling synths emerging from delicate piano keys, then bursting into a euphoric display of indie pop that bears resemblance to White Lies’ ‘Death’. ‘Ghosts’ welcomes Boniface fans back in stellar fashion, further showing the Winnipeg artist as a force to be reckoned with.

Dorian Electra – Flamboyant

Houston artist Dorian Electra released her most over the top track yet, the rapidly changing ‘Flamboyant’. Sounding like the Lady Gaga meme translated into music, ‘Flamboyant’ jumps from being a semi-formulaic, neo-pop track, serious by nature and fun by action, into the most perfectly, bat-shit crazy piece of pop music released in a long time. The deadly serious nature of ‘Flamboyant’ makes its over the top, bizarre display all the more enticing and impossible to not fall in love with.

BAILE Ft. Kauf – Painting Out

Brooklyn based producer Reed Kackley (BAILE), joins up with LA artist Kauf on the atmospheric electro-cut ‘Painting Out’. Kackley’s first release on the famous Anjunadeep, dance label, ‘Painting Out’ is all about atmospherics, fully enveloping synth cuts and drum beats with expansive melodies that stretch far beyond any long note. Kauf’s vocals perfectly match the spacious sound on BAILE’s work, making for an expansive take on deep-house.

Islandman – Lamani

Beginning as Istanbul based producer Tolga Böyük’s solo project, Islandman have developed into an expansive collection of Anatolian psychedelic combined with western Asian folk. Littered with rolling synth hooks, drenched in the sun of Asia’s western protrusion, Lamani grooves across its four minutes with slack guitar hooks, chilled out amongst the beauty of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Pocket Sun – Lucid

Travelling even further in the direction of chilled out music, Pocket Sun have released a gorgeously lucid track, also titled ‘Lucid’. A steady flow of wispy vocals, backed by pan flutes and breezy synths summarises ‘Lucid’ almost completely, never straying out of the chilled air that Pocket Sun have laid out to be fully immersed in. For the perfect track to draw your evening in to, ‘Lucid’ will have you covered.


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