What’s Good This Week #19

ABBBQ. While that may sound to some like a great plan in the summer sun, it actually stands for the artists we’re loving this week. A is for Annabel Allum, B is for Baula, Bridesmen and B Boys, while Q is for Qremade.

Annabel Allum – You Got It Good

The grit of Annabel Allum is something that needs no further encouragement, as the Surrey based artist comes well assured on every track that their brand of grunge-loaded rock will undoubtedly hit the mark. ‘You Got It Good’ has Allum encouraging their friend at their lowest point, showing how well they actually have it if they take a step back and look. With a 90’s pop vibe that sounds like the Cocteau Twins clashing with Kurt Cobain, Annabel Allum provides all the goods on her latest effort.

Baula – February 2018

Featured all the way back in 2017, Baula are a Swedish/Icelandic duo comprised of Karolina Thunberg and Ísak Ásgeirsson who have released a true behemoth of a track, titled ‘February 2018’. With a guitar riff that feels delightfully familiar to Joy Division on ‘Shadowplay’ at times, yet with a friendlier, synth pop vibe overall, Baula completely blow their previous works out of the water with their newest release.

Bridesmen – Overwhelm

With a striking pop ballad, LA artist Kenton Chen, known as Bridesmen, aspires to uncover his own protective masks to live his life as his truest self. Having worked with a number of huge mainstream names, while crafting his own brand of neo-soul/jazz sits, Bridesmens traditional sound sits in the back on ‘Overwhelm’, as the pop ballad bleeds raw emotion, creating an intimate moment with Chen that had yet to be seen, yet is executed flawlessly.

B Boys – I Want

A choppy riff and back and forth conversational lyricism discuss greed in capitalist society assures fans of B Boys that the Brooklyn based group are well and truly back. As a commentary on capitalist greed, “I want, I want everything, I want more”, B Boys are the hammer on the nail, beating away at the world with quick thinking, smart punk rock like they’re doing the world a service that it sorely needs.

Qremade – Falling Embrace

A truly gorgeous slice of ambient chillwave, Qremade is a Charlotte, NC, based artist, releasing their first official track ‘Falling Embrace’ last weekend. A fairly short track coming in at less than 2:30, ‘Falling Embrace’ however, takes its short running time and packs it with a multitude of gorgeously looped ambient hooks, all captivated by vocal mixing that gives a welcomed nod to XXYYXX on their debut effort ‘About You’.

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