What’s Good This Week #22

Claudia Bouvette – I Don’t Like It

A Canadian pop artist who’s latest track carries with it the BPM of UK drum and bass, Claudia Bouvette unleashes a charming storm of fast paced pop music on ‘I Don’t Like It’. Inspired by a love of hip-hop and UK pop, Bouvette’s admiration for UK pop will undoubtedly score her massive points with D’n’B fans and UK juggernauts such as Chase and Status or Rudimental, making a potential future collaboration seem almost inevitable just on the backing of ‘I Don’t Like It’.

Jamie Johnson – She’s Mine

With the traditional angst filled edge of indie folk, with a familiar youth-tinged flare to Sam Fender, London artist Jamie Johnson, is a commanding force on ‘She’s Mine’, howling away with his ferociously punchy lyrics. Fans of Skin & Bones and Palace will likely fall in love with Johnson and his blues rock tinged style on ‘She’s Mine’, swooping in with massively bellowing guitars that make the Londoner’s voice sound like he’s tearing the earth into two.

Pelicandy – White Sky

If you’re a synth-pop junkie like myself, then it’s likely that the first words to leave your mouth once ‘White Sky’ begins will be oooooo yes! A truly delicious slice of synth-pop, Pelicandy summon the charm of Wild Nothing, the camp nature of Superfruit and the classic delight of Pet Shop Boys on ‘White Sky’, soaring ahead with manic 80’s guitar hooks, rolling over wave after wave of the most delightful synth key you’ll have heard in a good while.

Polar States – At Our Best

Another one that’ll have you going oooooo yes if you’re a massive pop fan. Liverpool’s Polar States are on the lists of BBC’s Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq and Chris Hawkins so it’s a safe bet that the indie-rock four piece will become a fairly familiar name soon enough. Their latest track ‘At Our Best’ has that 1975 sound to it, but is quickly transformed into their own sound of punchy, classic indie rock, that’s made to be shouted out from atop of buildings and outside car windows like the best early 00’s, optimistically grey pop music is.

Indigo – Distant Lullaby

If I could summarise Indigo in one word I’d call them Connor. A friend of mine who’s endlessly funny and very to the point, Indigo are very much the same, with their debut EP titled “Please Sign Us to Your Label”. ‘Distant Lullaby’ is a overloaded piece of early 00’s indie that sounds like a lost demo from either Friendly Fires or Passion Pit before they discovered synths and electronica. Filled with a charming indie pop flare that will guarantee a second listen, the London group’s optimism could be the beginning of a bright future.

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