Tallsaint – Skin Deep

Ahead of her “Hard Love” EP, Leeds’ Tallsaint is getting ‘Skin Deep’ in a passive aggressive disco.

In our interview with Tallsaint aka Louisa Osborn, following her incredible Live at Leeds performance, Osborn let us in on the story behind ‘Skin Deep’.

“In my head I saw it as two people who don’t really like each other, but they have to get on and
if you kind of dance next to someone you touch there skin right? So you’re just that little bit closer, so ‘Skin Deep’ is my kind of world of not liking someone but trying to get a long with somebody in the form of a disco”.

With her love of 00’s pop pouring out of ‘Skin Deep’, with a trickling synth hook that goes deeper with every pop, before expanding into an immersive shower of electro slices; Tallsaint yet again produces another pop banger, filled with the swagger and charm of her past.

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