What’s Good This Week #23

It’s a clusterfuck of noise, starting off with some classic beach rock, before r’n’b, electro pop and experimentalism in both these genres, take over the rest of What’s Good This Week.

Surf Curse – Disco

One of the first solid Bandcamp founds I discovered all the way back in 2013, Surf Curse welcomes themselves back in to our lives (or at least mine), with their raucous new cut, ‘Disco’. A nostalgic hit of constantly running beach rock overloads ‘Disco’ to levels that fans of the genre with fall completely in love with, piecing together choppy guitar riffs and spiralling vocals for an unstoppable hit of sun filled, beach rock bliss.

Pell – Too Much of a Good Thing

The New Orleans artist is dropping his debut LP “Gravity” tomorrow, so naturally YouTube threw ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ in our recommendations last week. The experimental-soul artist segways between trap beats delivering atypical rap lyricism and his tailored take on soul music, providing a fresh perspective on the ever expanding popularity of modern trap. Pell elevates trap to sound less static and more fluid and malleable, leading the wait for “Gravity” on the 21st (of June) to be all that more exciting.

Host – Crying for Days

In light of emotionally damaging events, it’s a commonality to fall into a pit of denial, and irish electro-pop artist Host knows this. ‘Crying for Days’ is an uncaring monster, roaring through with thunderous drumming and truly erratic pop hooks that feel unstable and uncontainable, merely moments from breaking free of their electro-pop chains, before bursting out into the ugliness of facing reality.

Camp Candle – NRT

Self described as swag-pop, Philly duo Camp Candle, deliver a cross between, r’n’b, chillwave and indie pop, making for an experience close to Washed Out’s Amor Fati being shot through the dimensions of Blank Banshee fighting to the death with Kid Cudi. ‘NRT’ is as dysfunctionally delightful as the next slice of chillwave, but it’s the vaporwave and r’n’b clashing that makes this track all the more delicious.

Kitzl – Wizard Girls

If you were enticed by Gum Takes Tooth, then Kitzl will undoubtedly be up your street. Much more pop than Gum’, but along the routes of Grimes, Kitzl summons up a plethora of otherworldly soundscapes on ‘Wizard Girls’ placing charming bells together with monstrous drumming and electro slices, on what could only be described as viewing a psychedelic rave on DMT.

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