Friendly Fires – Inflorescent / Silhouettes

Alert the indie kids of the early 10’s, Friendly Fires have finally announced their long awaited, third LP, alongside the release of new single, ‘Silhouettes’.

The last LP to come from the St. Albans group “Pala” was released back in 2012, so it’s safe to presume that Friendly Fires fans everywhere will be rejoicing at the fact that LP3 has finally been announced. It’s even been over a year since ‘Love Like Waves’ was released, so clearly there’s been no rushing of “Inflorescent”.

‘Silhouettes’ continues on with the ultra-danceability of “Inflorescent” and its clear, tropical pop vibes, shooting 80’s laser beams at sub-house beats, with an insatiable chorus of ‘ba-da-baba’s’ to further allure any fans of disco into the unstoppable dancing realm of Friendly Fires.

So get the floral shirts out and start dusting off those Ed-worthy dance moves, because “Inflorescent” is set to be released August 16th.

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