Máni Orrason – Numb

Following up the queer summer anthem ‘Privilege of Time’; Icelandic artist Máni Orrason shares his latest single ‘Numb’ alongside the release of his “Baby Angel” EP.

Depicting the longing for affection in the face of seeking comfort from drugs and alcohol he faced in the past, Orrason boldly declares the evils of his past as moments of triumph, powering through to reach a much more stable presence of mind. The high gloss, upbeat shine on ‘Privilege of Time’ goes dim on ‘Numb’, angling for much stronger and destructive drum beats, with sharp electric guitars cutting through the solemn tone of the choruses instead. The levels of dramatics and dark nature of ‘Numb’ allows Orrason to truly let loose, as thunder and lightning storm through the track, which could easily find itself backing any number of TV shows pivotal final episodes.

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