What’s Good This Week #24

Lea Porcelain – Love Is Not An Empire

The German duo follow up the calmer vibe of ‘I Am Ok’ with a look back to the euphoric sound that initially kick-started their career back in 2015, now championing the unbreakable power of love on ‘Love Is Not An Empire’. Beginning with their newly found admiration of acoustic guitars, ‘LISNE’ quickly transcends from a simple indie folk track into a grander display of lighter post-punk, amplifying their message of unbreakable love with waves of immersive shoegaze, overloading the track with their signature sound for a welcomed return to the euphorism of Lea Porcelain.

Anita Ramona – Travelling Light

Dream pop meets house and ambient techno, as Romanian artist Anita Ramona, glides across a luscious mixture of electronica on ‘Travelling Light’. Running across almost five minutes, ‘Travelling Light’ dips in and out of electronica and house, subverting thumping bass with ambient synth hooks similar to Vitalic on “Voyager”, before switching back to sharp yet dreamy post house, closer to trance or chillwave at a push. If you were suddenly planning to explore a multitude of electro-genres back to back, then Anita Ramona has you covered.

TARA – Wander

Some utterly delightful, pummeling shoegaze rock is next, from Brooklyn group TARA in the form of their latest track ‘Wander’. With it’s driving drum beat and endless run of guitar hooks clashing together in a beautifully chaotic fashion, ‘Wander’ carries a gargantuan sense of importance similar to heavyweight hits ‘1998’ by Peace or Slowdive’s ‘Star Roving’. Carrying this hypnotic wave of stellar shoegaze from the word go, ‘Wander’ will be an immediate addition to any shoegaze/dream pop fans playlist and end of year lists.

SAENS – Dazed

Hailing from Montreal, SAENS looks at a clashing conscious on ‘Dazed’, depicting love, sexuality, sensuality, and vulnerability as the focus behind his current work. Fans of NO CEREMONY, SOHN, or early Broods will immediately swoon for SAENS’ neo-tronica / trip-hop vibe, as he pieces together the nostalgia of late 00’s electronica on ‘Dazed’ with the sensualism and destructive romanticism of contemporary house influenced trip hop.

Peacock Affect – Exist

Devonshire’s Peacock Affect is last up for this week, with his tremendous new single ‘Exist’. A swirling buzz of indie rock somewhere between Wept and Jaws, ‘Exist’ surrounds itself in a heavy coat of wailing emo rock, balanced out by Affect’s softly sung lyrics. Spiralling down into a cespit of self deprecation, ‘Exist’ is a true emo anthem.

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