Heir – What You Haven’t Got

Rapidly becoming one of the most talked about groups in Leeds, Heir are back following up ‘After Forever’ with the no nonsense touch of ‘What You Haven’t Got’.

A straight forward message to f*** off, ‘What You Haven’t Got’ looks into the life of unfair romantic relationships, realising that one half is taking without giving anything back at all. A steady delivery of grooving bass hooks summons the funk of the 60’s while the rising rays of glossy synths ties Heir back into their 80’s pop sound with a reminiscence to A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ although with the pacing of ‘Crying In The Rain’. ‘What You Haven’t Got’ plays with the romantic idealisation of 80’s pop music, before snapping back to the realisation that ‘playful’ manipulation behind a guise of glossy guitar hooks, needs to be greeted by the middle finger and more straight forward, joyous pop.

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