What’s Good This Week #26

Electronica in many different shapes and sizes is ‘What’s Good’ this week. From chilled yet somewhat trippy pop, to afroton meets contemporary techno and all the way to pure, dirty deep house; if there’s a succession of synths, electro notes, or wobbling bass in the track, it’s been featured down below.

Grace Lightman – An Ordinary Life

A song about lusting to just fit in at times, ‘An Ordinary Life’ is a calmer moment from London based artist Gracr Lightman, following her previous single ‘Zero Impact’. Taken from her upcoming “Silver Eater” LP (out July 19th), ‘An Ordinary Life’ delivers a steady stream of light ambient electronica, with a tranquil energy that was made to be sunken into and fully engulfed by. A delightfully chilled aura surrounds Lightman on her latest effort and is a must for any chilled out playlist.

Bader ft Colz – Keep Talking

The debut track from Arabian producer Bader, alongside the release of his own label ‘SoundsBader’, ‘Keep Talking’ is a slick piece of afroton, thanks to the vocal styling of Colz. As electronic music is beginning to emerge into the mainstream in Saudi Arabia, thanks to recent lifts on creative restrictions and speech, ‘Keep Talking’ acts as a pinnacle moment in the nation’s history, as Bader mark’s himself as a soon to be pioneer of Arabic electro.

Geowulf – He’s 31

The second track taken from their upcoming sophomore LP “My Resignation”, London based Geowulf share ‘He’s 31’ a love song about disappointment. Slightly less electronica and more indie pop than the other songs featured, ‘He’s 31’ slowly rises from the comfort of folk-pop styled guitars, into a full display of crashing indie, filled to the brim with bitter disappointment that pours out of once gritted teeth, now bursting with a relieved smile that the best is yet to come.

Kan Wakan ft. Alexander Vincent – Miles Away

A love song not about love, producer Kan Wakan (aka Gueorgui Linev) unleashes a monster of a track with the deep house flare of ‘Miles Away’. Featuring fellow friend and artist Alexander Vincent, Wakan summons up a horde of meticulously laid out electro cuts, orchestrating a theatre of sharp bassline and pulsating synths alongside angular drum beats that will have you torn up inside on the dancefloor.

Tony Njoku – Hapless

Sometimes SoundCloud reveals some bangers, and sometimes you truly strike gold. London artist Tony Njoku goes maverick on ‘Hapless’ combining deep electro cuts with grime influenced beats, ran through a Sega Mega Drive playing Mortal Kombat III. A wonderous display of genre-fusing takes place on ‘Hapless’ adapting to each newly presented style with total ease, as Njoku seizes every moment possible to make you scream oh shit! and skank out.

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