Sleeptape – Increments

Alternative rock that was made to blow you away, Newcastle’s Sleeptape bring an energy that matches that of early Editors and carries a message of self-reflection on their latest effort, ‘Increments’.

Lead by a narrative focused on oppressive friendships breaking down, abandonment and reinvention, ‘Increments’ guise of a bigger than life presence through colossal riffs and monumental woahs, perfectly personifies the struggle that it seeks to represent. Fighting to be heard above an onslaught of a chorus, vocalist Jonathan Lott repeatedly yells ‘are you happy?’ throughout the verses, while breaking into soaring screams during ‘Increments choruses’; further implementing the thought of only checking whether your current situation is what’s right for you, when the world finally goes quiet enough for the static to go silent. For some, ‘Increments’ may be to in your face for it’s message to come across. However, for the rest of us, Sleeptape have shared a song that many will come to seek out in times of need and reflection.

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