What’s Good This Week #28

The heat over Europe is currently intense AF! So, it seems only fitting that What’s Good This Week is an intense mix of indie, electro and 80’s pop for you to drench yourselves in.

School Disco – Caught In Space

A never ending burst of energy that borders on megalomaniac proportions, this Brighton group are unstoppable on their latest release ‘Caught In Space’. Relentless to the point of casting fear that this three piece, would undoubtedly be bleeding profously from their hands, by the time the track’s five minute running time is up, ‘Caught In Space’ is the auditory personification of the current heatwave Europe is facing. Insufferably non-stop, School Disco are a chaotic burst of energy that you’d be sad to be part with once you immerse yourself in their non-stop garage rock.

Uppermost – 23rd Street

Now traversing to the otherside of being nonstop, this time with the immersive soundscapes of Uppermost, on his latest single ’23rd Street’. Electronica that has the soul of R’n’B and the consistently rolling rhythm of psychedelia and late night house music that creeps around minimal, 23rd Street is a successive multiude of genres all interfacing together in a swirling helix of deep purples. Dark and brooding with it’s execution, ’23rd Street’ is a wonderous display of midnight and the wonder that surrounds the beginning of the nighttime.

Thy Veils – Secrets

A truly futuristic and trippy video from Romanian group Thy Veils, on their extraterrestrial release ‘Secrets’, this electro duo sound as if they’ve uncovered the darkest realms of outer space. Hailing from TimiÈ™oara, Thy Veils produce ecletic and immersive, ambient electro, fully developing upon the idea of reality being a maleable product. Shown throughout ‘Secrets’ video, sound and reality become distorted as buildings twist and form into alien forms, all while Thy Veils unleash a sonicwave of post-futurism, making the retro wave sound of Tron seem like childs play.

Young Braves – 1984

Bringing you all back down to Earth for a moment are West-Midlands indie-pop group Young Braves, with an immensly polished new track, ‘1984’. Already placing themselves as future indie-anthem creators, Young Braves bring a euphoric energy to their indie sound, capturing the energy of late 00’s indie rock with the emotion and impact of early 10’s emo-pop. ‘1984’ has seemingly ticked every imaginable box possible in the indie-anthem box, so Young Braves will likely be ones to keep a close eye on for the rest of the year.

Kira – If It Makes You Feel Better

Shot on VHS and carrying across a truly 80’s influenced sound, Kira bring a calming presence to their track ‘If It Makes You Feel Better’ that will immediately leave you floored once Katie begins singing. A front of moody, 80’s pop is something that everyone has been falling in love with for the past few years now, but London duo Kira rise tremendously as clear future trend setters. Being able to make their music sound like a lost 80’s track is one thing, but Kira deliver a truly iconic moment on IIMYFB that I have no doubt will stand the test of time.

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