Talk Slow – Compassion Isn’t Fashion Anymore ft. Cristina Hart

Collaborating with fellow pop artist Cristina Hart, East London’s Talk Slow are quickly moving into new pop music territory that will find ‘Compassion Isn’t Fashion Anymore’ as a certified hit.

Revolved around the world in the age of the internet, Talk Slow bring together a host of past pop influences from the 70’s and 80’s to show that anything being brought together can only be a good thing. With its ambiguous title and glittery synth hooks bouncing around slapped bass lines, it’s hard to ignore the overwhelming positivty that Talk Slow and Hart are portraying throughout this endless bundle of joyous pop. Stating decency and support as the expected rather than a defining quality, Talk Slow are now setting their music to not only entertain but inspire, and are doing so fabulously.

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